Learn the art of providing meat for yourself and your family! Butchering and processing classes are held on our farm, where you can experience the ultimate in hands-on hogs. The classes are one full day of learning how to break down your pig into primal cuts, preparing roasts, chops, fresh side (bacon!) and the many other parts of a pig, and processing, curing and smoking* your own sausages, hams and bacon.

Joining us the day before the processing class to learn how to humanely slaughter your own pig is optional. You will learn how to slaughter a pig with care and gratitude in a zero stress environment, ensure instant insensibility, and remove the internal organs and hide. Learning how to use every part of the pig is part of this day, and you are free to use what you want. (Personally, we have some limits to our own taste preferences!)

*Grinding and seasoning sausage is included during the day. Due to the time required for curing and smoking, we will teach you methods and recipes and help you start your cure, which will be finished on your own over the next week. Or you may return for a supplemental class the following weekend that covers the details of curing and smoking.

Classes are available for individuals who want to learn how to do the entire process, and for community processing — a group of people who want to participate in various ways and take a share of the finished pork. Contact us to discuss your goals, class structure, and pricing.